Covers the definition of functions, composite functions and inverse functions. For IGCSE Further Maths, also covers piecewise functions and domain/range.

T Dharmawardene

7th Jan 2021 Flag Comment

Amazing resources!!

Mr A Byekwaso

10th Nov 2020 Flag Comment

Brilliant as always! You save us teachers so much time with your wonderfully organised resources.

Mrs C Plant

2nd Jan 2020 Flag Comment

Love this website, I wll be sharing all its features with the rest of my department. Thanks so much.

Mrs A Dimitrova

29th Apr 2019 Flag Comment

Perfect resource. Thanks Jamie!


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Thank you so much! This has helped me a lot with revision.

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Thank you. It is great!


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Thanks for the great resources

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great resources they are very useful for my school work

Enthusiastic learner

3rd Jul 2017 Flag Comment

And also on Q3 of the same exercise

Enthusiastic learner

3rd Jul 2017 Flag Comment

Sir, is there are mistake on Q2 of exercise 6?


3rd Jul 2017 Flag Comment

there may also be a mistake on question 3 of exercise six


3rd Jul 2017 Flag Comment

is there a mistake on question 2 of exercise six.

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