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Practise Questions

Practise maths questions on National Curriculum and enrichment topics, where students can practise independently and teachers can set and monitor work. Students earn points and trophies.

Automated using AI

Teachers are busy people. Questions are automatically differentiated and students' pace of learning determined by our clever algorithms.

Rich Questions

A huge variety of question types at 4 different difficulty levels. We detect equivalence of algebraic expressions/equations and hence support A Level content.

Class Interactivity

Get the whole class involved within lesson, using their phones or a tablet device.

Data Analytics

Generate Excel reports on topic performance, times table performance, leaderboards, with numerous options.

Build Worksheets

Compile questions, which can be outputted as Word docs, set as homework or used as a classroom game.

Times Tables

Individually practise times/divide tables or play against the clock with a mixture of questions.

Past Papers

Our database contains Edexcel and UKMT Maths Challenge papers which can be set as homework or used in class.

Build Questions

Build a large variety of questions to contribute to the teaching world.

"Our students (and teachers!) love the platform. We love it so much that we use it instead of the one we are paying for! The platform gives them the chance to be proactive/independent and gives us the chance to monitor their progress better."

Jolly Nice Teacher