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New to DrFrostMaths?

  • A PDF guide to what DrFrostMaths offers to school maths departments.
  • A 'Getting Started' Guide for students, explaining all the basics.
  • A 'Getting Started' Guide for teachers, explaining all the basics.
  • Recording of a training event, detailing set up, setting/monitoring homework, generating worksheets, reports, the DFM Whiteboard and 'DFM Live!'.

Two sources of questions...

Key Skill questions are finegrained question types where learners can practise randomly generated questions with accompanying short worked example videos, covering everything from basic numeracy to solving logarithmic equations! Explore

Exam Skill questions are past paper exam questions, giving learners a broader range of questions within a topic and potentially mixing skills. We work with exam boards to make their questions available.

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Our vision as a charity is to provide high quality educational resources for all individuals and institutions regardless of income, centred around the core philosophy that education is a fundamental right of all and central to addressing social inequality on a global level. We are entirely reliant on donations to keep what we do free.

We are in the process of setting up our donation systems.