I am incredibly grateful to those who have donated so far:
Key Donors - £1000+
Other Donors - £50+
  • James Rosslyn-Smith (2016, 2017, 2019)
  • Dulwich College Maths Department (2017, 2019)
  • Vincent van Pelt (2017,2018,2019,2020)
  • Lucton School Maths Department (2017)
  • Naz Sarkar (2018)
  • Paul Deevoy (2018,2020)
  • Jerudong International School (2018)
  • Idza McIlroy (2018)
  • Ulink College, Nansha, Guangzhou, China (2019)
  • Mark Harrison (2019)
  • Anne Cheese (2019)
  • Geneva School (2020)
  • Ryan Budd (2020)
  • Joe Wylde (2020)
  • Beechwood Sacred Heart School
    Mathematics Department (2020)
  • Jacqueline Merlini (2020)
  • Jake Gordon (2020)
  • Mark Snoz (2020)
  • Abbey School for Exceptional Children (2020)
  • Colin Hendry (2020)
  • Paula Adams (2021)
  • Mark Bishop (2021)

DrFrostMaths, since its birth 5 years ago, has been committed to providing free resources and initiatives to share a love of maths and supports both students and teachers. The teaching resources have been downloaded over 5.8 million times (since I started counting!) and the homework platform, launched mid-2017, has 5000+ registered schools. Monthly page views are in excess of 9 million and rising.

I have no intention of charging at any point; my opinion is that social mobility is influenced to the greatest extent by educational opportunities. I appreciate first-hand that school budgets are stretched and feel it's important for the resources/platform to be available regardless of schools' or families' income.

Running costs are thankfully kept fairly low, mostly due to the convenience of being a former professional programmer, and hosting costs being small with respect to the traffic the site receives (thanks Dave!). I also pay Mr Dupont-Panon for his time contributing thousands of questions to the homework platform database and managing error reports. The site receives some income from advertising revenue, some of which pays for these associated costs, and some of which pays for my own time, at the equivalent of less than minimum wage when considering the significant quantity of time invested.

But DrFrostMaths is emphatically not a profit-making venture and I stress that no donations will be used to pay myself. Donations will be used for the following:

  • Continuing to pay Mr Dupont-Panon for his time so that I can delegate work managing the question database, and concentrate on both feature development and producing teaching resources.
  • Potentially paying others for the same purpose.
  • Any further filming equipment required to produce videos (I recently purchased a camera, tripod and microphone partly using donations and the rest out of advertising revenue).
  • Server costs.

How to Donate

If you do decide to donate, please inform me if you wish the donation to be made 'anonymously', i.e. not listed on this page.
For smaller donations, you can use the link below to donate via PayPal:

For larger donations, it would be better to email me at

Many thanks for your consideration.