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'Just For Your Interest' A Level Posters

These 'Just For Your Interest...' posters explore the maths behind various common questions, often ones that I've pondered myself when I was a student. The A Level posters can all be found within the respective A Level PowerPoints, but the pdfs are included here for your printing convenience. Enjoy!

'Just For Your Interest' for KS3/4

Here are the equivalent posters for younger students.


Teaching Methods I Don't Like

The following are a series of poster-form opinion pieces of various 'common teaching methods I don't like'. In each, they describe the typical method, my pedagogical misgivings with it, and my preferred method I use. Some I feel more strongly about than others, perhaps because there is some underlying mathematical flaw, or it prevents student misunderstanding, rather than just favouring another method because it's simpler. Obviously there's a degree of teacher subjectivity here!


Other Posters