Negative Numbers

Covers multiplication, division, addition and subtraction of negative numbers.

A Arun

31st May 2020 Flag Comment

You join the times table competition by going on the times tables games and then you click on Fixed time

A Arun

31st May 2020 Flag Comment

Brilliant for support

Mr A Faheem

17th May 2020 Flag Comment

The best resource ever. Thanks

B Thavarajah

12th Feb 2020 Flag Comment

How do you join the competition where you do the most questions answered in 30 second

Ms F Karrim

18th Dec 2019 Flag Comment

Amazing resources, thank you to all those that contributed in putting together these resources. Made my job a lot easier.

R Asumang

3rd Dec 2019 Flag Comment

Very useful indeed :)

H Dhadwal

19th Nov 2019 Flag Comment

i was so stuck but now i have figured it out

A Hollyoak

11th Sep 2019 Flag Comment

this was very useful

A Kabir

30th May 2019 Flag Comment


Sanjeev Mangeev

21st May 2019 Flag Comment

Sanjeev here i just wanted to say that this powerpoint presentation is superb thank you veryy much sir

A Hussain

29th Nov 2018 Flag Comment

Wow, thanks for that teacher slides!


19th May 2018 Flag Comment

Very useful and helped me with my revision

A Bhati

31st Oct 2017 Flag Comment

this is damn easy!!!!!!

18th Oct 2017 Flag Comment


D Haider

9th Mar 2017 Flag Comment

Thx so much for the great help

D Haider

28th Dec 2016 Flag Comment

Great resource, revision is much easier. Thanks all who contributed towards this its cool!

5th Dec 2016 Flag Comment

A great recap for my exams!

J Johal

30th Oct 2016 Flag Comment

Great website for revision

G Lesyuk

15th Oct 2016 Flag Comment



24th Sep 2016 Flag Comment

Excellent website very impressed. One of the best website came across through my teaching career for teaching more than 43 years

S Ali

12th Sep 2016 Flag Comment

Really Good!


17th Aug 2016 Flag Comment

Best site for recapping and preping yourself up for next year.


29th Jun 2016 Flag Comment

Really like your approach including animation and diagnostic questions. A welcome resource.

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