Ratio & Proportion (Pre-GCSE)

(Used for Tiffin Year 9 scheme of work) (a) Methods for solving problems involving direct and indirect proportion, including the unitary method (but not quadratic/cubic/root relationships). (b) Problems involving ratio. (c) Extension: 3 way relationships, e.g. "If it takes a men b hours to dig c holes..." This (intentionally) does not make reference to the GCSE method of establishing the constant of proportionality.

H Ali

12th Jul 2020 Flag Comment

The grammar on slide 5 needs work. But otherwise, great slideshow!

A Ruhomally

15th Apr 2020 Flag Comment

Thank you very much, this is very good material too use

S Sudarsan

11th Dec 2019 Flag Comment

Very Helpful Thanks :)

A Bhandari

17th Oct 2018 Flag Comment

slide 7 has the most stupid question ever


16th Nov 2017 Flag Comment

No answers for worksheet


2nd Aug 2017 Flag Comment

There are grammatical errors on slide 5

betty king (bbking212)

5th Jul 2017 Flag Comment

i love those questions thank you


27th Apr 2017 Flag Comment

the material is very good thanks for providing

T Butani

29th Dec 2016 Flag Comment

Hi You make reference to revision pack numbers? where might I locate this?

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