Advanced Sequences

(Used for Tiffin Year 9 scheme of work) Includes a 'levelled activity' where students advance through progressively difficult levels. Please note that the slides may be updated within the next month to include more of (d) below. (a) Recap: Find/use nth term of a linear sequence. (b) Find/use nth term of a quadratic sequence. (c) Identify the formula for the nth term of a simple geometric sequence (e.g nth term of 2, 4, 8, 16, ... is 2^n) (d) Extension: Solve sequence proofs and problems involving missing terms, using algebraic approaches.


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M Atkinson

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helped me improve my grades in maths

S De Marchi

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I am on my school chromebook and I cannot download any of the resources. Is there any way that I can?

R George

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Does the the second half of this PPT apply for GCSEs, I get it's for Y9 and all, but this stuff is hard


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nice work


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In the sequences PowerPoint, slide 7, in your brocalculator tip you say 'instead of x instead of n'. I think you meant 'use x'


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Sir I am so grateful for these extracurricular resources. I will be sure to implement this into my Independent Study


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Thank sir

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