Covers the principle of counterexamples as well as proofs to do with even/oddness, consecutive numbers and digits. For high ability students.

A Ambapkar

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hog riddaaaa

A Carpenter

22nd Apr 2020 Flag Comment

Very useful, thank you


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This is really helpful for Revision

F Vinall

8th Nov 2018 Flag Comment

My teacher is good

A Kapinos

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thank you, this is very useful for revision

Mr Mathew Smith

2nd Apr 2018 Flag Comment

I am very impressed with the standard of work. Keep up the good work and see you tomorrow

R Rajkumar

23rd Feb 2018 Flag Comment

Give me proof this is proof dr frost.

Mrs. Marian Olonade-Taiwo

17th Nov 2017 Flag Comment

One of the teachers where i am offerred classroom experience referred me to your site because I will find it beneficial and very useful for its resources, high standard of wealth of knowledge, examples etc.

Bheki M

31st Aug 2017 Flag Comment

These are the best resources ever mmmmm thank you Dr.


14th Apr 2017 Flag Comment

5 d) is false because IF BOTH a and b are smaller than -1 (negative), then ab>1 (for example -2 times -3=6 which is bigger than 1. So the docx is right


22nd Feb 2017 Flag Comment

how can 5 d) in the counterexamples.docx be false.maybe the question is wrong

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