Contains some combinatoric-esque starter puzzles, and covers the whole GCSE syllabus, including mutually exclusive and independent events, experimental versus theoretical probability, probability trees (including algebraic probabilities) and sampling with and without replacement. Comes with two worksheets.

R Rana

2nd Dec 2021 Flag Comment


Miss A Maxwell

2nd Nov 2020 Flag Comment

I can't find the worksheet that accompanies the second part - slide 38 - 45. Only worksheet seems to be uploaded here. I really like the questions though so will try to make my own worksheet from this for now!

Mrs M Warren

8th Oct 2019 Flag Comment

Hi Slide 11 says that they don't need Venn diagrams at gcse but for the higher paper they do. Perhaps this could do with better clarification. Thanks

M Roberts

13th Feb 2019 Flag Comment

I am only in year 8 so by the time I am in year 11 I'll do great! I recommend it.


6th Feb 2018 Flag Comment

They are great resources. Really helped me...But I think Q)28 is wrong for b) I think the answer should be 7/15. But I may be wrong. Great resources

14th Oct 2017 Flag Comment

I think slide 28 is wrong

18th Sep 2017 Flag Comment

wow, just wow

Betty King (bbking212)

24th Mar 2017 Flag Comment

thank you so much for your valuable resources. I am currently researching "good questions" for topics : would it be possible for you to annotate slides with thoughts / misconceptions ...It would be invaluable for other teachers. Thank you so much for sharing your resources.

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