GCSE Arcs & Sectors

Covers all aspects of the GCSE9-1 syllabus. Includes problem-solving with arcs/sectors and two exercises consisting of past paper exam questions.


10th Nov 2021 Flag Comment

Thanks you so much. I would definitely recommend to people who are struggling. I used this for revision and now I feel very confident in this area. 10/10

A Bhana

17th Jul 2021 Flag Comment

This was very and helped me to really improve my area and perimeter skills! Thank you very much.

I Kale

13th Jun 2021 Flag Comment


K Eddanapudivenkatasivasaiganes

15th Jun 2020 Flag Comment

sir can you make a video on arcs and sectors?

10th May 2018 Flag Comment

great as always!

The Galaxy Cat

8th May 2018 Flag Comment

Nice thanks very much!

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