Data Collection & Sampling

Covers all parts of the GCSE syllabus, including sampling methods (random and stratified sampling). Powerpoint presentation and associated worksheet.

Z Nazemi

24th May 2021 Flag Comment

Very good resource. Thank you very much

J Bagguley

6th Jan 2020 Flag Comment

happy 2020

R Padiyara

16th May 2018 Flag Comment

Really Good


15th Jan 2018 Flag Comment

very nice and helpful resources.

C Tidswell

13th Jan 2018 Flag Comment

Really useful!!

G Lesyuk

13th Jan 2018 Flag Comment

Very nice! Helped me a lot with my CAT

9th Jan 2018 Flag Comment

slides are amazing!


22nd Dec 2017 Flag Comment

these resources are great for revising


9th Nov 2017 Flag Comment

c'est incroyable


28th Dec 2016 Flag Comment

Hi Sir, there is a mistake on slide 14. There is meant to be 2 elephants sampled.

Aditya Rao

20th Dec 2016 Flag Comment

Awesome resource, only the best teacher

Nick S

3rd Nov 2016 Flag Comment

Thank you for sharing these great resources.

Dr J Frost

31st Oct 2016 Flag Comment

Sorry, we don't do GCSE Stats.

Alex Chen

3rd Aug 2016 Flag Comment

Do you teach GCSE Statistics in your school. If you do, it would be greatful if you could upload some lesson resources. Thanks

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