Z Nazemi

19th Oct 2022 Flag Comment

Thank you very much, your resources were very helpful as usual

Mr D Keffer

13th Jan 2022 Flag Comment

I don't see the answers for the worksheet or the assessment. I have seen these for other of your materials, but cannot find these ones.

Mr S Ladley

17th Oct 2019 Flag Comment

Do you not publish the answers?

J Drogan-Hill

5th Apr 2019 Flag Comment

Slide 22 1.a is 18% and 1.b is 200 patients.

N Sehgal

13th Dec 2018 Flag Comment

Slide 22 1.a is 18% and 1.b is 200 patients.


22nd Nov 2018 Flag Comment

Anyone got answers ???

Mr R Jackson

7th Nov 2018 Flag Comment

Superb set of resources. Clearly thought out with lots of progression. Thank you for sharing.

12th May 2018 Flag Comment

Great resource

Genevieve Kavanagh

23rd Mar 2018 Flag Comment

Great lesson. Thank you!


24th Jan 2018 Flag Comment

Brilliant resource, thank you

Catherine Carter

7th Jan 2018 Flag Comment

On Slide 22 in Histograms ppt I think you are reading the FD as 4 for time 20-25 but it is 3.8 (according to your scale) so area is 19 making total area 100 rather than 101.


18th Dec 2017 Flag Comment

its on the (slides) a powerpoint


4th Nov 2017 Flag Comment

where are the answers??????

i cant do this homework

5th Oct 2017 Flag Comment



24th Apr 2017 Flag Comment

Is there a set of answers anywhere


2nd Jan 2017 Flag Comment

Do these include frequency polygons?

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