Includes geometric proofs.


2nd Feb 2021 Flag Comment

Looks fantastic

Mrs A Dimitrova

27th May 2019 Flag Comment

Great help as always 1 Thanks


25th Nov 2018 Flag Comment

Answers wanted


1st May 2018 Flag Comment

looking for circle theorems answers

22nd Jan 2018 Flag Comment

really helpful thank you

A Adikary

5th Jan 2018 Flag Comment

Do you have answers for the circle theorems pdf?

L Liu

31st Dec 2017 Flag Comment

Thanks, very helpful

Y Ahmed

2nd Jul 2017 Flag Comment

on slide 13 how did you find 32 degrees

I Reeves

15th Jun 2017 Flag Comment

Very helpful slides as no extra info which makes it very clear


21st May 2017 Flag Comment

Sir, could you add more explainations i find circle theorems hard to understand

Jaiveer Arora

21st May 2017 Flag Comment

I love circle theorems they're so easy to understand, please update with harder questions so i can get a star.


21st May 2017 Flag Comment

I like maths

Alireza Sabouri

21st May 2017 Flag Comment

Sir thanks to your powerpoints i find circle theorems easy. Thanks

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