Graph Transformations

Covers all aspects of the GCSE 2019+ syllabus. Also covers y = f(ax) which is still in the IGCSE syllabus.

S Zimmer

24th Oct 2022 Flag Comment

Slide 24 - Question 7 - Shouldn't answer be that the transformation is (0, -4)


6th Jun 2022 Flag Comment


N Khediri

19th May 2022 Flag Comment

where are the answers


9th Feb 2022 Flag Comment

awesome website! I love how it's free too! I am also awesome

D Person

22nd Oct 2021 Flag Comment

K Lin

4th Apr 2021 Flag Comment

awesome website! I love how it's free too!

Mr R Goldspink

29th Jan 2021 Flag Comment

Thanks for sharing!

D Rahman

30th Nov 2020 Flag Comment


E Muhammad

16th Aug 2020 Flag Comment

It is helping me a lot but, it doesn't have answers to the questions

Mr T O'Reilly

31st May 2019 Flag Comment

Dear Dr. Frost, On Slide 21 of your TransformationOfGraphs PowerPoint, it refers to a file called GCSERevision-TrigGraphs but I cannot seem to find it in this folder. Where could I find this file? Thanks

Miss S Kermani

8th Mar 2019 Flag Comment

slide 11 errors: lastQ4 (-2,1) and Q5b, y=(x-2)^2+3(x-2)

jeff the fourth

8th May 2018 Flag Comment

there is only maths here pls fix

3rd May 2018 Flag Comment

Will go with Octavio Dominguez. The error does not seem to have been corrected yet.

Octavio Dominguez

5th Dec 2017 Flag Comment

Hi there, I've discovered your website recently and first of all I wanted to say massive THANK YOU. You are such an inspiration. Just a quick one on the Transformations of graphs. Slide 9 of the power point. f(x/4). First point (4,3) should be (16, 3), instead of (12,3). I hope that helps. Thanks again!

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