Covers similar shapes, scale factors for area and volume, and changing between units of area and volume. [Newly updated 7th March 2017]

Mr D Gibson

30th Nov 2020 Flag Comment

With the GCSE-Similarity Ppt, slide 15 should studenst be proving that BCD is similar to ADC rather than the straight line ABC

Mrs H Butler

16th Sep 2020 Flag Comment

Answers are within the powerpoint

H Clements

18th Dec 2019 Flag Comment

where are the answers?

Ms Z Siddiqi

7th Dec 2019 Flag Comment

where can i find the answers to these questions

S Ramaraju

22nd May 2018 Flag Comment

very nice

S Srivastava

20th May 2018 Flag Comment

appreciate this

23rd Apr 2018 Flag Comment

very nice

22nd Nov 2017 Flag Comment

Excellent well thought through resources! Thank you for sharing!


14th Sep 2017 Flag Comment

Answers to GCSE similarity

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