Determine lower bounds, upper bounds and error intervals after rounding or truncating. Includes calculations in terms of bounds (subtracting/adding/multiplying/dividing).

a gillies

27th Apr 2020 Flag Comment

i agree entirely. My thoughts exactly

Mrs S Hafejee

17th Jan 2020 Flag Comment

I would like to echo C Armour's comment! Excellent resources!

Mrs K Vali

11th Jan 2020 Flag Comment

@C.Armour I agree...a big thank you

C Armour

16th Oct 2019 Flag Comment

You should be funded by the DfE. I have no doubt that your resources are raising the standard of teaching High Attainers in maths across the country. The level of challenge is unparalleled in any other ready-to-teach resources.


15th Mar 2018 Flag Comment

This was really helpful thanks!

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