Pythagoras' Theorem

(From Tiffin Year 7 scheme of work) (a) Apply Pythagoras' Theorem to single right-angled triangles. (b) Appreciate that an answer in surd form is exact. (c) Know common Pythagorean triples: (3,4,5), (5,12,13) and multiples of these. (d) Solve more advanced problems involving use of Pythagoras' Theorem: * Finding the perpendicular height and area of an isosceles and equilateral triangle (and a mental method for the latter). * Multiple right-angled triangles with shared sides. * Appreciate that we sometimes need to add lines to yield right-angled triangles. * Use of algebraic sides. * Appreciate that a triangle with angles 30-60-90 is half an equilateral triangle, using this to reason about sides.

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