Riemann Zeta Club - Chapter 3 - Algebra

The Riemann Zeta Club is an enrichment maths club for Lower Sixth Formers, aimed as preparation for the Maths Challenge, Maths Olympiad and Oxbridge entry. This chapter covers factorisation and use of algebraic manipulation/identities, simultaneous equations, and inequalities.

H Faiz

6th Apr 2022 Flag Comment

I love it

D Person

22nd Oct 2021 Flag Comment

S Allwright

11th Jun 2021 Flag Comment

In Algebra Worksheet 1, Q 1(f) doesn't there need to be +1 at the end of the expression in order to get the factors you have in the answer sheet.

q qi

14th Sep 2019 Flag Comment

some equations or functions go missing in the worksheet.thanks


2nd Aug 2018 Flag Comment

Also, Q3 on Worksheet 1, I think answers should be k<0, k>/=4


2nd Aug 2018 Flag Comment

Thank you Dr Frost. I think possibly there is an error on worksheet 1, Q 1.g. I think it should be x^2-y^2+2x+1

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