Riemann Zeta Club - Chapter 4 - Combinatorics

The Riemann Zeta Club is an enrichment maths club for Lower Sixth Formers, aimed as preparation for the Maths Challenge, Maths Olympiad and Oxbridge entry. This chapter covers combinatoric problems (i.e. 'counting'), including combinations and permutations, and forming and solving recurrence relations.

Mrs C Don

4th Jun 2022 Flag Comment

In slide 45 of the power point, the n! in the LHS of the equation should be in the numerator. Thanks for the great resource

D Person

22nd Oct 2021 Flag Comment

Mrs S Birch

7th May 2021 Flag Comment

Hi, Worksheet 1 is still missing the answers, is this an oversight?

F Khan

10th Dec 2020 Flag Comment

Excellent resource, as per usual!!

A Gamsi

19th May 2020 Flag Comment

Hi. Can I please receive the answers for the worksheets?

Mr P Grimshaw

2nd Mar 2020 Flag Comment

Excellent resource. Do you have the answers for worksheet 1/3/4?

J Alrawi

18th Jan 2020 Flag Comment

Hi where are the answers for these questions

Sophie Emily Taylor

30th Aug 2017 Flag Comment

Hi, I need the answers for the worksheets.


16th Oct 2016 Flag Comment

Hi, Do you have solutions for these?

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