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C Wang

30th Aug 2022 Flag Comment

please check Q6 on series worksheet, there is a typo n^2-2n does not match with the solution which corresponds to n^2+2n. Many thanks

D Person

22nd Oct 2021 Flag Comment

E Wickens

5th Mar 2021 Flag Comment


Luke Nicholls

20th Oct 2019 Flag Comment

dude... thanks so much for making this resource!

e ep

16th Jun 2019 Flag Comment

answer of 6th question must be 2n-3 as you wrote -2 instead of +2

A Filby

27th Oct 2018 Flag Comment

others are also possible to simplify further but not a big deal. these sheets are still useful

A Filby

27th Oct 2018 Flag Comment

1d is right for series. 1a is wrong though. also a simpler solution for 1c may be (-2)^(1-n). anyway, thanks for all these dr frost. You're a legend.


6th May 2018 Flag Comment

Hi, Just noticed for RZC Equations of Circles, for question 3b you say the radius of the 1st circle is 1, when in the question, it says two.P.S for the resources they are incredibly useful in my preperation for MAT.

15th Oct 2017 Flag Comment

There are a couple of errors in the MAT series doc in question 1a and 1d


14th Oct 2017 Flag Comment

So should we attempt 1D or not?


10th Oct 2017 Flag Comment

1 d on series might be incorrect.


24th Jul 2017 Flag Comment

Really good resource just some worksheets eg shapes dont explain solutions so if you get it wrong its hard to know why/how


4th Sep 2016 Flag Comment

Hi - Sorry to bother you but how did you get to your answer for 1d on the RZC-MAT-Series worksheet? I'm not really sure about it

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