MAT Section A

Lots of past paper questions with solutions and tips, divided up by topic.

D Person

22nd Oct 2021 Flag Comment

k saiyed

26th Dec 2018 Flag Comment

how do you find the mark schemes for the past papers

Mr I Cameron

17th Oct 2018 Flag Comment

Will there be any slides/resources made available for FM1. I can see you will be putting up FP1 over half term?

Lucy Pallent

29th Oct 2017 Flag Comment

Thank you! Seriously thank you, your saving my MAT scores.


17th Sep 2017 Flag Comment

Hello thank you for all the resources any chance of some logic questions and answers

Srijan Agrawal

17th Aug 2017 Flag Comment

thank you for this wonderful website!


1st Nov 2016 Flag Comment


Will Sawtell

24th Sep 2016 Flag Comment

Some of the words in your solutions are missing and therefore it makes it quite difficult to understand what you're trying to say

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