Order of Operations - BIDMAS

Covers the precedence of operations (i.e. BIDMAS), making clear that multiplication/division have the same precedence as each other, as do addition/subtraction. Also contains use of a calculator to input more complicated expressions, with use of the ANS key.

R Shields

22nd May 2020 Flag Comment

M Althani

5th May 2020 Flag Comment

the only reason I'm hear is to be in the top 3 in my class ?

M Karim

16th Mar 2020 Flag Comment

i have 1000 and something yay. points help motivate me to practice my maths. real helpful. :D

H Daly

10th Jan 2020 Flag Comment

this is such a useful sight for studying or catching up on the lesson

I Egan-Hallewell

3rd Dec 2019 Flag Comment

how do I got into it

Y Han

17th Oct 2019 Flag Comment

i currently love dfm for their intelligent maths skills

F Bambury

1st Oct 2019 Flag Comment

how do I even get points ??


21st Jan 2019 Flag Comment

I currently have 4090 points and I LOVE dfm


2nd Mar 2018 Flag Comment

Admiring the works. A little comment: Indices also have a counter balance in roots, just as adding has subtraction and multiplication has division (unless we talk fractional indices). So the operations come nicely in pairs.

3rd Aug 2017 Flag Comment

Very interesting approach

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