Two investigations into houses and house prices, exploring collection of data/designing a survey, and analysing/interpreting/representing data. Investigation 1 compares the homes of students to those in London.Investigation 2 investigates what factors affect London house prices. Recommend via:

Miss E Lawes

27th Jul 2019 Flag Comment

Fantastic resource putting data handling in a real life context but I can’t seem to be able to find examples of projects from previous years?

Box plots

6th Dec 2017 Flag Comment

Box plots


25th Nov 2017 Flag Comment

great resources!


14th Nov 2017 Flag Comment

nice powerpoint

the guy who... lives in da pineapple under da sea

17th Oct 2017 Flag Comment

Is this a fun activity .

maths guy

8th Dec 2016 Flag Comment

cool website

Ninad Patil

16th Nov 2016 Flag Comment

CAN you send us the equation to do the excel pie chart


10th Nov 2016 Flag Comment

This is a good website

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