Counting / Combinatorics - Please use 'GCSE counting' instead

(Note: I have kept this resource for posterity, but please use the 'GCSE Counting Strategies' resource instead) (a) Appreciate that if different selections are independent, each with a number of choices, then the total number of combinations is the product of these. (b) Understand and use factorial function. (c) Understand and use 'choose' function. (d) Solve a variety of arrangement problems.

D Person

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Are there answers to the combinatorics questions ?

Dr J Frost

5th Jun 2016 Flag Comment

I've now fixed the ZIP problem as well as for all other affected resources. The problem shouldn't occur again. Thank you for raising this to my attention.

Dr J Frost

5th Jun 2016 Flag Comment

Thanks Thalia. It seems it's a problem with the ZIP file not being generated properly if the resource title has funny symbols in it. I'm investigating. In the meantime you can download the files individually.


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Hello, fab site! Couldn't get your combinatorics link to work :( :)

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