Rapidly using Equation Editor in Microsoft Office

Getting mathematical typography in your maths resources is important. But using the menus in Microsoft Office to construct your equation/expression is time consuming. This guide teaches you how to type equations/expressions using your keyboard alone, with a cheat sheet for common mathematical symbols and constructions.

T Brough

8th Dec 2021 Flag Comment

it keeps auto typing an i am not doing anything this needs to be sorted as well as this can you make it an potion to turn off all of the algebra symbols on non algebra questions

X Xavier

29th Jun 2021 Flag Comment

I would like to know how I can insert some mathematical symbols into the feedback box to the teacher.

Z Teoh

25th Jan 2019 Flag Comment

1 − 2 + 3 − 4 + 5 − . . . + 99 − 100


24th Mar 2017 Flag Comment

Thank you for such superb quality resources.

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