GCSE Laws of Indices

Covers laws of indices (including fractional and negative indices), solving equations involving indices (IGCSE FM syllabus) and raising a single term to a power.

Y Sharma

12th Oct 2022 Flag Comment

**** i ****ed up

Y Sharma

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R Khan

10th Sep 2022 Flag Comment

a very sussy presentation

R Khan

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L Antelo Miles

11th May 2022 Flag Comment

das ist primal! Sehr gut! ?

N Mishra

27th Oct 2021 Flag Comment

Nice slides

D Person

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10th Sep 2021 Flag Comment

very nice

F Turay

21st Mar 2021 Flag Comment

absolute chad sir, this website is really helpful


14th Mar 2021 Flag Comment

where are the answers

Mr P Hough

8th Nov 2020 Flag Comment

Slide 7 (GCSE-Indices.pptx) says y^10 x y^10 = y^100 rather than y^20

K Senaratne

15th Oct 2020 Flag Comment

this is one of the best websites i ever used

J Benning

29th Sep 2020 Flag Comment

sir on slide 7 it says that y^10 x y^10 is y^100 but I thought it was y^20


12th Sep 2020 Flag Comment

I have recently started to use this website and my god, my grades have gone up so much, thank you for the excellent resource Sir.

Y Rodage

3rd Aug 2020 Flag Comment

This is good

A Khan

8th Sep 2018 Flag Comment

i love this website

22nd May 2018 Flag Comment

very very good slides

1st Dec 2017 Flag Comment

Great resource, excellent challenge

26th Oct 2017 Flag Comment

Very good website!

S Singh

24th Aug 2017 Flag Comment

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A Ghumman

16th Jul 2017 Flag Comment

Dear Sir, Question 14 on Slide 14 appears to be wrong. I think you must have misunderstood that it was meant to be to the power of 5 and not to the power of 4. Thank you, Aman

Palminder Rajeet Kaur Singh

10th Jul 2017 Flag Comment

The very good resources i am looking this from the India very good but maybe get the hindi translation soon eh.


29th May 2017 Flag Comment

very very very good

will robson

3rd May 2017 Flag Comment

this is fab, god bless u sir


27th Apr 2017 Flag Comment

Brill, true legend of the subject


10th Dec 2016 Flag Comment

Thank you.

samuel feord taylor

9th Nov 2016 Flag Comment

this is my favourite website it as improved my mathematical skills unfathomably so

sebastian asbridge

9th Nov 2016 Flag Comment

this is fantastic revision so i dont fail my maths test thank you very much grately


8th Nov 2016 Flag Comment

Great resources for revision.

J Niblett

8th Nov 2016 Flag Comment

This site provides me with great quality revision, thank you so much


7th Nov 2016 Flag Comment

A very helpful powerpoint.

komal dhilon

7th Nov 2016 Flag Comment

it helped me more, so much more

Zak Abi

7th Nov 2016 Flag Comment

It helped me alot in my revision sir

Zakaria Abdi

7th Nov 2016 Flag Comment

Very Very Good

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