Covers all aspects of both the GCSE and IGCSE Further Maths curriculum.

H Tokala

28th Apr 2020 Flag Comment


Dr J Frost

19th Nov 2019 Flag Comment

Fixed the error identified on 10/10/18.

H Nagra

9th Oct 2019 Flag Comment

i live for surds. i love surds

10th Oct 2018 Flag Comment

On the 6th slide 3√2 should be 3√3 (i think)


11th Sep 2018 Flag Comment

Brilliant resource as usual11. Very grateful to you for providing these free of charge.


3rd Jun 2018 Flag Comment

Amazing! This has helped so much!


7th Mar 2018 Flag Comment

Thanks for making these free, it really helps me out

27th Nov 2017 Flag Comment

very helpful!

R Blatch

31st Oct 2017 Flag Comment

Help with square root of 98 simplified


20th May 2017 Flag Comment

There answer to the square root of 27 is wrong on slide 6


30th Dec 2016 Flag Comment

Sir, I think there's a mistake in slide 6 sqrt of 27

Mr. Dean

27th Sep 2016 Flag Comment

Just discovered your resources... Great stuff! The Venn diagram on slide 3 appears to show rational numbers as a subset of the irrational numbers. I will change mine to show natural numbers < integers < real numbers, and then irrational as a subset of the reals that doesn't intersect the integers.

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