Finding the equation to a tangent of a circle, and associated questions. Part of the new GCSE specification.

Mr M Rimmer-Howard

19th Jan 2020 Flag Comment

Answer on slide 5 for length is 5.42

Mr D Mwaura

19th Oct 2018 Flag Comment

Slide 5 on GCSE-Tangents To Circles shouldn't length of PA be 5.416....? Thank you

Mr D Mwaura

19th Oct 2018 Flag Comment

Thanks Dr.Frost for your ever amazing slides.

11th Apr 2018 Flag Comment

what if the problem was mirrored on the negative x axis as well?

17th Mar 2018 Flag Comment

any other resources on equation of a circle/


2nd Feb 2018 Flag Comment

wrong answer on slide 5 q B

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