Pure 1 Chapter 1 - Algebraic Expressions

Mr D Hubbard

25th Jul 2022 Flag Comment

Side note on slide 22 - The reason we rationalise the denominator. I don't think you state the point that in a practical sense it would be impossible to "divide by" an irrational number, whereas dividing an irrational number by and integer you would be able to.

C Page

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G Bishop

24th Feb 2022 Flag Comment


D Person

22nd Oct 2021 Flag Comment

R Perez De La Paz

23rd Sep 2021 Flag Comment


A Peterson

22nd Jan 2021 Flag Comment

Amazing resource! Thanks! Slides Page 15: 4 :: Negative and Fractional Indices Last question: If ?=1/9 ?^2, determine 3?^(?2) in the form ??^? where ?,? are constants. Should it not read ka to the n instead of kb to the n?

S Moran

29th Sep 2020 Flag Comment

I am unable to go to school due to illness. Is there any way to access the teacher resources as I need to teach myself at home.

B Bopeno

22nd Feb 2020 Flag Comment

Hi how do I please open the teacher only files ? I'm a private candidate I don't attend school I teach myself

Christos Siderides

8th Nov 2019 Flag Comment

I have done every question on this website. When will more be updated? I need them because I am doing my A levels and need to revise a lot! ;)


13th May 2018 Flag Comment

do you have any practice papers for the final exam


31st Mar 2018 Flag Comment

On Slide 5, question 3 the answer should be 4x(4) - 14x(3) + 6x. *(n) I meant indices.


4th Nov 2017 Flag Comment

Only One Word - Awesome.


10th Oct 2017 Flag Comment

As a NQT trying to refresh A level experience for myself to teach next year, theses slides have been amazing.

Tim Wells

19th Sep 2017 Flag Comment

This is so cool thank you


14th Sep 2017 Flag Comment

Thank you Dr Frost. Your resources save me so much time and are of such a great quality. I love the variety of the worked examples you show.


3rd Sep 2017 Flag Comment

Firstly you are amazing! Secondly should the b be an a on Chapter 1 New Alevel slide 15 second line of bottom left question?

Katrien De Cock

6th Aug 2017 Flag Comment

"Factorising Quadratics" slide. STEP 1: 'multiply' should be 'add' 'multiplies' should be 'multiply'

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