Pure 1 Chapter 2 - Quadratics


1st Dec 2022 Flag Comment

pls let me in

D Person

22nd Oct 2021 Flag Comment

Mr G Punter

8th Sep 2021 Flag Comment

The images slides 36 and 37 of the powerpoint do not seem to be working

Mrs W Kothe

9th Feb 2020 Flag Comment

Awesome resources--- legends.

K Broad

4th Nov 2019 Flag Comment

I am a tutor in a school and due to email not attached to school I am unable to see teacher information as I had to log in as other. please can you assist

Mrs R Wheeler

17th Sep 2019 Flag Comment

This is awesome, Thank you!

T Quaye

23rd Oct 2018 Flag Comment

This is really helpful! Thanks

Hoai An

4th Jul 2018 Flag Comment

Wow, It's nice to know your sites, careful lesson plan. Thank you.

Dr J Frost

26th Sep 2017 Flag Comment

Just fixed and reuploaded. Thanks.


21st Sep 2017 Flag Comment

There is a mistake on slide 12 completing the square first example.

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