Pure 1 Chapter 3 - Equations & Inequalities

D Person

22nd Oct 2021 Flag Comment


26th Sep 2017 Flag Comment

P1 Chp3 on the 4th slide it says there are 2 errors in the textbook on page 39. what are they?

Dave Bush

16th Sep 2017 Flag Comment

Slide 4: Every value example is x² + x = x(x - 1) Better if x² + x = x(x + 1)

Katrien De Cock

7th Aug 2017 Flag Comment

Set Builder Notation (2nd slide), set of all even numbers. In words, I would say: "All values 2x ..." or "All numbers 2x ..." instead of "All expressions 2x ..." because the elements of the set are numbers, not expressions.

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