Pure 1 Chapter 4 - Graphs & Transformations

D Person

22nd Oct 2021 Flag Comment

Dr J Frost

23rd Jul 2018 Flag Comment

Well spotted. I've reuploaded with corrections.


10th Jan 2018 Flag Comment

On slide 27 should it be a stretch in the y-direction with the given scale factor? As per usual, these slides are a massive help!


6th Jan 2018 Flag Comment

Thanks for this, amazing as ever! I can't seem to spot the error that the previous two comments reference and it seems to be the same answer as the mark scheme for May13 as well? Not sure if I'm just being dozy or not!


5th Oct 2017 Flag Comment

Excellent slides Dr but slide 10 - BIG ERROR


24th Sep 2017 Flag Comment

There is a mistake on your slide on cubics with the answers to the C1 question from May 2013. Great slides, you have saved me a lot of work!

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