Pure 1 Chapter 5 - Straight Line Graphs

Designed to accompany the Pearson Pure Mathematics Year 1/AS textbook.

J Nash

30th Sep 2020 Flag Comment



20th Feb 2019 Flag Comment

Really good resources!!!! Thank you

Dr J Frost

23rd Jul 2018 Flag Comment

Well spotted. I've reuploaded with corrections.


31st Oct 2017 Flag Comment

High quality resources


3rd Oct 2017 Flag Comment

And deg F not C in the text


3rd Oct 2017 Flag Comment

Typo slide 38? Should be -50/250

Dave Bush

16th Sep 2017 Flag Comment

Also Slide 25: Possibly better to say the gradient of the other line is "-a/b"

David Herring

15th Sep 2017 Flag Comment

Slide 25, you mean a/b for first gradient - typo

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