Pure 1 Chapter 7 - Algebraic Methods

J Goddard

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26th Jan 2022 Flag Comment

well done this powerpoint was really useful for me as a student :)

D Person

22nd Oct 2021 Flag Comment

Mrs L Clifford

28th Sep 2021 Flag Comment

Is it possible to set worksheets that have already been created by yourself Dr Frost to our students - for example this assessment? Thank you

Mr C Tindal

21st Jan 2021 Flag Comment

I'm new round here. When there are v1 and v2 of A Level Chapter Assessments, what does that mean? Are they equally good? Does one surpass the other? Do they complement each other assessing different aspects of the Chapter?

Mrs E Spinks

6th Jan 2020 Flag Comment

Slide 20 - It is not acceptable to start with (to) the conclusion - should 'to' be removed?

Dr J Frost

1st Oct 2019 Flag Comment

You're correct Mr McClean. I've been meaning to reupload my slides with the fix for a while - now reuploaded!

Mr S McClean

28th Aug 2019 Flag Comment

Unless I'm missing something proof by contradiction is in the A level specification (albeit not in AS), contrary to what it says on slide 24. Otherwise thanks for your excellent slides which are invaluable!

Dr J Frost

23rd Jul 2018 Flag Comment

Thanks David - error fixed.

Sarah S

2nd Jan 2018 Flag Comment

I can't find any + & - of fractions in either chapter 1 or chapter 7. They are in the textbook in chapter 1 though I would put them here with other fractions work

David Herring

7th Nov 2017 Flag Comment

Slide 22, (9,8,8,7,7) replaces (9,7,7,6,6) in answer.

Reanne G

21st Sep 2017 Flag Comment

I agree with GL. Please see page 11 of the edexcel specification. It says that proof of irrationality of root 2 is needed, students do need to know proof by contradiction. From an MEI course I have been on, I was led to believe they should be about to repeat this for other numbers other than 2 also.


17th Sep 2017 Flag Comment

Proof by contradiction including the irrationality of root 2 is mentioned on the edexcel syllabus but you say here it's not on A level, only STEP - have I misunderstood?

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