Pure 1 Chapter 8 - Binomial Expansion

Designed to accompany the Pearson Pure Mathematics Year 1/AS textbook.

Mr D Hubbard

19th May 2020 Flag Comment

Mrs Sismey, The titles of the assessments ARE wrong, but the questions themselves are Binomial Expansion. Maybe just change the 7 in the title to an 8 instead?

Mrs M Sismey

17th May 2020 Flag Comment

The assessments here appear to be for Ch7, not Ch8. Is it possible the Ch8 assessments could be uploaded some time soon? Huge thanks in advance.

Mrs M Warren

7th Oct 2019 Flag Comment

Hi, Bottom row of Pascal's triangle should be 1 5 10 10 5 1 .

Mr M Fox

15th Dec 2018 Flag Comment

Love your work Jamie, thanks very much for sharing.

10th Oct 2018 Flag Comment

How to view the answers in the slides as a student?

Mr V Van Pelt

19th Sep 2018 Flag Comment

Hi Jamie, slide 6 - I prefer to show the ^0 terms everywhere for completeness / consistency and wonder why you prefer not to?

Mr V Van Pelt

19th Sep 2018 Flag Comment

slide 5 - last row of PT has incorrect term. Thanks - VVP

Mr V Van Pelt

19th Sep 2018 Flag Comment

Slide 11 - if you ARE a... Thanks, JF - VVP

Charlie H

6th Feb 2018 Flag Comment

Hello! Many thanks for these slides. Such a fantastic resource. We noticed a you're instead of a you've on slide 7.

Dr J Frost

1st Feb 2018 Flag Comment

Now fixed. Many thanks.

M Sullivan

27th Nov 2017 Flag Comment

Slide 20, third question down should be a power 7 instead of power 12. Massive thank you for these slides!

8th Nov 2017 Flag Comment

slide 30, power of x should be 7

Dave H

6th Nov 2017 Flag Comment

Two minor points:- put 1 in front of b^2 on slide 4 1 5 10 10 5 1 on slide 5 (1 5 10 10 1 1) Again, thank you for sharing these resources.

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