Pure 1 Chapter 9 - Trigonometric Ratios

Ms J Fletcher

2nd Feb 2022 Flag Comment

QQQ-P1-C9-V2: Word document appears incomplete. PDF document - I believe Q2a should be labelled Q1a. Thank you for creating these - I use them fortnightly to review my Y12s understanding and they have been incredibly useful.

D Person

22nd Oct 2021 Flag Comment

Mr C Tindal

10th Mar 2021 Flag Comment

What is the reason there are v1 and v2 of most assessments? Are they just two alternatives?

Mr C Tindal

10th Mar 2021 Flag Comment

Pure 1 Chapter 9 - Trigonometric Ratios QQQ-P1-Chapter9-v2.docx is a blank document.

Mr J Beltrami

4th Feb 2021 Flag Comment

On slide 33 the range has sinx but its a graph of cosx

Mr P Ross

21st Nov 2020 Flag Comment

In QQQ-P1-Chapter9-v1 Question 3 includes an angle in radians. Pupils don't meet radians until Year 2.

B Bopeno

11th Jun 2020 Flag Comment

how can I access teacher's notes only please i am self teaching

Mr P Nkellefack

8th Jun 2020 Flag Comment

Pure 1 - Chapter 8: Assessment for Teachers only access. The heading on the assessment page says chapter 7 instead of chapter 8. Thank you.

Mr G Pooles

14th Apr 2020 Flag Comment

Hi. On the v2 paper, the answers for Q2a have used the measures from Q1 (7 cm and 8 cm)

Mrs M Warren

22nd Nov 2019 Flag Comment

Hi, Slide 4 shows the answer when divided by Sin20 not Cos 20. Thanks

Dr J Frost

23rd Jul 2018 Flag Comment

Thanks - I've fixed.


15th Feb 2018 Flag Comment

On the right angle trig at the beginning theres a mistake - it should be cos20 instead of sin 20??

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