Pure 1 Chapter 12 - Differentiation

Miss J Wilson

25th Nov 2021 Flag Comment

How do we tell what type of stationary point? visual display slide. The "gradient just after" for "maximum point" says positive but should be negative

Mr P Ross

5th Nov 2020 Flag Comment

Great slides, thank you. I have a comment on concave/convex. I feel that these are the wrong way round on slide 37. Although you can say that a concave down is the same as concave up, I believe that just saying 'concave' means the 2nd derivative is negative. The illustatration has them the other way around. Any other thoughts on this?

Dr J Frost

14th Oct 2020 Flag Comment

I've fixed the errors listed.

Mr A Blackett

28th Jan 2019 Flag Comment

Slide 46, should read "answer must either be 𝒙=𝟏-𝟏/√𝟑". Many thanks for the resources.

Mr P Lambert

13th Jan 2019 Flag Comment

(Picking up on Mr. V Van Pelt comment, 5 Dec): Slide 13, example 5 looks to be incorrect. f'(x) = 49/2 x-to-the 5/2

Mr V Van Pelt

5th Dec 2018 Flag Comment

slide 16 part a s/b -4 thanks, Jamie - VVP

Mr V Van Pelt

5th Dec 2018 Flag Comment

slide 13 Q 5 looks like exponent incorrect. Thanks Jamie - VVP


23rd Mar 2018 Flag Comment

slide 16, 8(1/2) -8 should it not be -4 instead of 4 as 8*1/2 = 4, and 4 - 8= -4


14th Jan 2018 Flag Comment

Slide 4, I can't see anywhere squared of -3. The calculations are for the gradient.


2nd Jan 2018 Flag Comment

slide 4, -3 squared is 9 not 6?

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