Pure 1 Chapter 13 - Integration

Mr P Ross

6th Jan 2021 Flag Comment

On slide 22, in thh integral bottom right corner, the limits of the integral have been switched around.

Dr J Frost

12th Mar 2020 Flag Comment

I've made these fixes. Many thanks.

Mr A Blackett

6th Feb 2020 Flag Comment

Slide 19 has a small error on extension question 1, 1/5x^5-2/3ax^3+1/3a^3should read 1/5x^5-2/3ax^3+a^2 x, as a is a constant on this side of the function and we are integrating wrt x. But... A changes to a variable when we are maximising the function, so I m

Mr N Westmoreland

4th Jun 2019 Flag Comment

Slide 23: Why is it -12 not +12?

Michael mcfallensteiner

8th May 2018 Flag Comment

On slide 20 the limit on the bottom of the intergrate symbol should be -5 not 5

R Shaw

14th Mar 2018 Flag Comment

Looks rather interesting...


10th Feb 2018 Flag Comment

Slide 17, the limits on the integration notation should be b,a not a,b. ie, f(b)-f(a)

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