Pure 1 Chapter 14 - Exponentials/Logarithms

Designed to accompany the Pearson Pure Mathematics Year 1/AS textbook.

Mrs G Southern

9th Jun 2020 Flag Comment

2 typos on slide 26. First is on the answer to part c, base 2 has been used instead of 5. Second is in the same place, but in the final answer the base 5 is written as a superscript not subscript. Thanks.

Mr V Van Pelt

22nd Jan 2019 Flag Comment

slide 44 typo 'with' in black box - thanks - VVP

Ajibola Fasoranti

14th Jul 2018 Flag Comment

Could you add Harris Garrard Academy to your list of Harris Schools please. It is a new Harris School. email ends with Many thanks. Fantastic resources


24th May 2018 Flag Comment

After months of reading I have now came to the end of the pure maths slides and I would love to thank Big man Dr Frost you are the real plug and a safe g

ayy lmao

11th Feb 2018 Flag Comment

@Susan Clifford My students noticed a couple of minor errors in your comment

Susan Clifford (KGS)

4th Dec 2017 Flag Comment

My students noticed a couple of minor errors in your excellent powerpoint. Slide:11 should be e^-x Slide:17 a) 146.2 Write a comment here.

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