Stats 1 Chapter 3 - Representations of Data

N Ali

6th Sep 2021 Flag Comment

I cannot access a teacher only file

Mrs L Bramwell

11th Nov 2020 Flag Comment

Do you happen to have any additional questions similar to mixed exercise 3 Q8d and 9c? My group are struggling with this and the solution bank sets out the linear interpolation using fractions.

Mr G Pooles

25th May 2020 Flag Comment

For slide 27, should the calculation not be 19.5 + (195/240)x11 instead of 20 + (195/240)x10 as the class width for the 20-30 category is 11?

Dr A Page

7th Nov 2019 Flag Comment

Is there a set of answers for the excellent supplementary histograms exercise?

Dr J Frost

5th Nov 2019 Flag Comment

I've fixed the errors pointed out below.

Miss E Panayiotou

4th Oct 2019 Flag Comment

The Chp3 for S1 doesn't have the supplementary sheets for the box plots... am I looking in the wrong place for them? I can only find a histogram supplementary sheet?

Mrs S Squibb

5th Jul 2019 Flag Comment

Slide 24 should be a sf of 2.5 not 2.4 & then there are 37.5 people.

A Abdullahi

26th May 2019 Flag Comment

woah very easy and helpful im in yr7!

J Knapton

13th Dec 2018 Flag Comment

Thank you Dr. Frost, very cool!

Mr V Van Pelt

21st Nov 2018 Flag Comment

slide 24 - 2.4 should be 2.5. Thanks DF - VVP

Mr M Lang

14th Oct 2018 Flag Comment

Outlier error on Slide 8 is still there.

N Bhavsar

9th Oct 2018 Flag Comment

thank u for ur resources. i know they're going to be extremely useful. appreciate all tha you are doing

Hetty H

2nd May 2018 Flag Comment

Great resources, thanks!


15th Mar 2018 Flag Comment

Slid 24 there is an error in calculation when doing 60 divided by 24 to get 2.4 when the real answer is 2.5 also the use of scaling is completely wrong


6th Feb 2018 Flag Comment

Are there answers for the histogram supplementary questions?

Dr J Frost

12th Nov 2017 Flag Comment

Fixed (again!). Looks like I accidentally reuploaded an older version earlier.


26th Oct 2017 Flag Comment

Enormous thanks for great resources. Check Outlier examples pages. Slide 8 Upper outlier boundary =𝟑.𝟐+𝟏.𝟓×𝟎.𝟗=𝟒.𝟓𝟓 Upper quartile is 3.6 not 3.2.


25th Sep 2017 Flag Comment

Great Resources ..massive help to students & teachers alike. Thank you


25th Sep 2017 Flag Comment

a few slips in solutions for slides 8 & 9. Proposed corrections emailed directly to Dr Frost 25/9


10th Sep 2017 Flag Comment

Brilliant work - thank you.

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