Stats 1 Chapter 7 - Hypothesis Testing

Mr G Harvey

5th May 2022 Flag Comment

Hi. Lovely stuff, but your conclusions to your hypothesis tests are WRONG! You can NOT conclude that the coin is biased or unbiased, or that the new drug is or is not better than the old one. You only have evidence to either support the claim being made, or not. My conclusion to the coin problem: Accept H0 (or do not reject H0). There is insufficient evidence to suggest the coin is biased. My conclusion to the drugs question: Accept H0. There is insufficient evidence to support the doctors claim.

Mr C Karingal

10th Jan 2020 Flag Comment

QQQ Question 3: This is a test using the normal distribution, so isn't in Stats 1. QQQ Question 4: The size of the sample isn't given (how many weeks Tessa recorded sales and temperature), so it's impossible to know what the CV should be. The mark scheme implies n=8, however.

Mrs K Flury

25th Dec 2019 Flag Comment

I have a question about slide 15. It makes no sense to me, to choose 7 as the critical value, as the significance level was reached at 6. Can you explain - or is this an error?

T de Whalley

3rd Dec 2018 Flag Comment

Thank you! you made statistics bearable ;)

Mr D mc govern

9th Sep 2018 Flag Comment

With the new A level course is the stats and mechanics in the one paper??? Hopefully i have got this right This current academic year students need to complete P1 and then next year They complete P2 along with their mechanics and stats

Simon Fohn

18th Jun 2018 Flag Comment

Love these fantastic resources, LEGEND

Ben Boardman

18th Jun 2018 Flag Comment

great teaching recources - thank you


18th Jun 2018 Flag Comment

Thank you very much for these free, helpful resources. I appreciate your hard work into these slides

Caitlin Firn

15th Jun 2018 Flag Comment

Hi guys. I love maths :)


5th Jun 2018 Flag Comment

These resources are fantastic. I have taught Core for many years but never Stats. Thank you for your help.


12th Apr 2018 Flag Comment

Thank you dr frost


23rd Jan 2018 Flag Comment

Dr Your hardwork is very much appreciated-top chap

Dr J Frost

29th Nov 2017 Flag Comment

I've spotted a few errors - please re-download if you downloaded before 29th Nov 2017.

margaret gill

2nd Oct 2017 Flag Comment

What a wonderful resource, thank you so much for all your hard work.

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