Covers all aspects of the new GCSE specification, including drawing tangents to estimate gradient of speed-time or displacement-time graphs, and estimating/calculating distance by area calculations.

Miss A Maxwell

26th Sep 2020 Flag Comment

Areas section, exercise 1 1d. Answer given was for 12 seconds rather than the 10 asked for. Also Q3. V is 19.6666... not 28. The question and ppt working and answer needs adjusting. Thanks.

A Khan

23rd Sep 2020 Flag Comment

where can i get answers

Dr G Elder

31st Oct 2019 Flag Comment

Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity, not speed. Deceleration is the rate of reduction of speed which means, interestingly, that a decelerating object is definition!! :)

Mr D Hart

26th Mar 2019 Flag Comment

Ex.2 Q3, Worked solution has incorrectly treated whole shape as a trapezium. Answer should be 59/3


18th Jan 2018 Flag Comment

answers needed


30th Nov 2017 Flag Comment

Q3 on Ex2 - can I query?


11th Oct 2017 Flag Comment

Does the worksheet have an answer

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