Pure 2 Chapter 2 - Functions & Graphs

D Akinyobola

28th Sep 2022 Flag Comment

I'm a teacher, could i please access the Assessments

Dr M Maher

3rd Oct 2020 Flag Comment

Slide 35, the local maximum of the transformed graph should have coordinates (4,8). Thanks for all of your hard work!

Mrs G Southern

27th Sep 2020 Flag Comment

On slide 15, the right hand question uses g but the answer uses f.

W Ryan

27th Jul 2020 Flag Comment

I am a parent with some math backgorund, doing math during school lockdown, with my child. Can I please access the Teachers only account so I can review some material with him. Thanks Parent during Pandemic 2020


13th Jun 2020 Flag Comment

Slide 28 -3 and -3 NOT 3 and 3


12th Jun 2018 Flag Comment

Write a comment here. Hi , I love your ppts but am confused about slide 7 on P2 Chp2 as I was thinking the graph show x>2 and x>6/5. Can you explain please?


12th May 2018 Flag Comment

Slide 7 should the question be different (<) to fit the answer. Or perhaps change the solution. Modulus finction is above the linear function for values of x < 6/5 and x > 2


10th May 2018 Flag Comment

Answer on Slide 8 is not just 1/6. Should be "and" rather than "or" or have the inequality 1/6 < x < 1/2. Excellent resource, thanks! Very helpful for my first time teaching Y2 A level

3rd Apr 2018 Flag Comment

c on slide 36 on the same powerpoint is incorrect as it goes below the y axis


3rd Apr 2018 Flag Comment

Also slide 13 question c should be 1/3 not 3

3rd Apr 2018 Flag Comment

it is not 1/6 nor what is on the slide

3rd Apr 2018 Flag Comment

this is incorrect but my answer via this are being trimmed


3rd Apr 2018 Flag Comment

it should be 1/6


3rd Apr 2018 Flag Comment

On Slide 8 on the new year 2 p2 chapter 2 functions and graphs the second questions answer is incorrect it should be 1/6

someone doing alevel maths

20th Mar 2018 Flag Comment

thank you


24th Dec 2017 Flag Comment

Thank you for great work. Slide 8, the answer is 1/6

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