Pure 2 Chapter 5 - Radians


13th Oct 2018 Flag Comment

Hi, on slide 20, there seems to be error for the first , when you work out cos inverse of 7/32. Can you check that again?

Mr V Van Pelt

9th Sep 2018 Flag Comment

Hi Jamie - slide 18, i think 5 should be 55 in the answer calc on the rhs of the page VVP

Dr J Frost

6th Sep 2018 Flag Comment

This has now been fixed.

Sam Patterson

22nd May 2018 Flag Comment

Hi, Thanks so much for putting these resources together. On slide 27, I'm pretty sure the solution to part b) on the first example should be -4 rather than 4 (I think the textbook is incorrect too), and also the solution to part b) on the second example should be -1

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