Pure 2 Chapter 6 - Trigonometric Functions

Mrs S Squibb

18th Nov 2020 Flag Comment

Slide 22 still needs solutions for tanx=4/5

Mr J Tench

31st Oct 2020 Flag Comment

Hi Jamie, slides 10 and 11 still have incorrect ranges for the graphs of sec and cosec.

Mr J Tench

22nd May 2020 Flag Comment

In the slides, the chapter overview box 1 should say cot rather than tan

Ms J Buckmire

27th Sep 2019 Flag Comment

Thanks for everything. Just a warning for other teachers the QQQ P2- Chapter 6-v1 question 1 includes the double angle formula which is part of Pure 2, chapter 7

o bhallil

26th May 2019 Flag Comment

in slide 22 why u didn't work out tan x= 4/5

Mrs T Greenaway

9th Nov 2018 Flag Comment

Pure 2 Chapter 6 slide 25 is not correct. The arcsinx and sin x do not intersect as shown. The line y=x is approx the same at the sinx curve for small angles. Otherwise great ppt. thank you

Mr V Van Pelt

5th Oct 2018 Flag Comment

Hi Jamie - bottom Q slide 22 you've left out 2 answers. thanks VVP


20th Sep 2018 Flag Comment

Still has range errors for sec and cose - 20/9/19.

Dr J Frost

6th Sep 2018 Flag Comment

The minor error on Slides 10 and 11 has now been fixed. Many thanks.

10th Jun 2018 Flag Comment

I would like to appreciate you for explaining the what the core and complementary trig identities are. Trigonometry makes so much more sense now. This is from an A-Level Student.

12th Mar 2018 Flag Comment

On slides 10 and 11, ranges of sec and cosec have omitted negative sign.


9th Jan 2018 Flag Comment

Perfect job!!!

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