Pure 2 Chapter 7 - Trigonometry & Modelling

Ms C Clark

1st Mar 2022 Flag Comment

Ditto Mr Kendal :)

Mr D Kendal

2nd Dec 2020 Flag Comment

Slide 12: I couldn't decide whether or not sin(B) was positive or negative (in the 2nd or 3rd quadrant). I think you need the additional information that B is obtuse. This is given in the textbook but missing from the slide. Thanks for these amazing resources!

Ms J Nelson

6th Jul 2020 Flag Comment

Your powerpoint is corrupted when i try to download..

Dr J Frost

6th Sep 2018 Flag Comment

Fixed. Many thanks.

4th Dec 2017 Flag Comment

I think there's a typo on slide 27, it should be asin(theta) + bcos(theta) but it is asin(theta) + bsin(theta) right now

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