Changing the Subject (pre-GCSE)

(Based on the Tiffin Year 8 scheme of work) (a) Change the subject of any formula where the new subject appears only once. Includes roots, squares, brackets, where x appears within a negative term and/or in the denominator. (b) Be able to cross multiply. (c) Determine a value when the formula and values of all other variables are given.

M Adame Lopez

29th Nov 2020 Flag Comment

very helpfull

F Khan

2nd Sep 2020 Flag Comment

The correct Formula on Slide 5 is °F = (9/5 × °C) + 32.

r tottman

21st Jun 2020 Flag Comment

your formula on slide 5 is incorrect

Mr B Balmer

23rd Apr 2019 Flag Comment

On Slides....Slide 4 Q3 Changes from y in question to x in solution!


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gary stevenson

9th Jun 2018 Flag Comment

great revision


4th Apr 2018 Flag Comment

soo easy .

R Manohar

6th Feb 2018 Flag Comment

nice i really like this and i recommend it to everyone


10th Nov 2017 Flag Comment

slide 5 has f and c in wrong place


15th Oct 2017 Flag Comment

nice one

A Choi

21st Jul 2017 Flag Comment

It doesn't let me download?

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