Pure 2 Chapter 12 - Vectors

Designed to accompany the Pearson Pure Mathematics Year 2/AS textbook.


29th Mar 2022 Flag Comment

Your resources are brilliant but I suspect the multiplier in slide 8 is -2 rather than 2. Many thanks Dr Frost

Dr J Frost

20th Oct 2020 Flag Comment

I fixed this error over a year ago but apparently forgot to reupload...

Mr G Godson

20th Jan 2020 Flag Comment

Just adding my voice to those highlighting the error on part b of slide 10. In general though thank you for the great powerpoints. In the end I decided to do it with my class anyway and asked them to find the angle between the vectors using the cosine rule as well, and then explaining the discrepancy between the two answers, really helped to cement where the 'angle with the x-axis' really was.

R Hussain

28th Dec 2019 Flag Comment

I agree with D Bareau on slide 10 as you can't find the area of triangle OAB with working done! On a positive note, great resources.

Mr A Ward

8th Apr 2019 Flag Comment

Sorry was using the vectors at the top of slide 10, i agree with 0.5sqrt(35)

Mr A Ward

8th Apr 2019 Flag Comment

I agree with D Bareau but the solution is not 0.5sqrt(35) it is 2.5root(65)

Mr M Forrow

5th Mar 2019 Flag Comment

I agree with D Bareau about slide 10. Other than that a fantastic resource as usual!

Ms K Brockway

6th Nov 2018 Flag Comment

Ah was just about to comment the same as D Bareau. I got confused and had to plot it on Geogebra to convince myself!

D Bareau

9th May 2018 Flag Comment

Slide 10. Triangle OAB area cannot be done with the method shown (the angle OA makes with the x axis and OB makes with the x axis cannot be subtracted to make angle BOA as they're not all on the same plane. The triangle's area should be half of root 35. Cheers.

Alison Hagley

16th Feb 2018 Flag Comment

Slide 8: reads root 41 instead of root 21 :-) Great resource, thanks. My year 12s are doing the new Alevel in one year so your slides are most welcome!


14th Jan 2018 Flag Comment

Excellent as always ... are resources for Mechanics 1 and 2 going to be released at some point?

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