Stats Yr2 Chapter 1 - Regression, Correlation and Hypothesis Tests

Mr J Cornick

1st Oct 2019 Flag Comment

Slide 7, b) end of 3rd line: t instead of g Excellent resource, thank you!!

Dr J Frost

5th Jul 2019 Flag Comment

I've fixed the error in the slides.

Mr D Noland

11th Apr 2019 Flag Comment

I agree with FA who then cites the wrong figure!! Dominic B is surely right as it's a one-tailed test?

Mr A Blackett

22nd Jan 2019 Flag Comment

Rachel - p values are the percentage significance points eg 10% or 5% given to test against. So they are included in the examples.


6th Nov 2018 Flag Comment

This is great but it misses out information on p values which is on the edexcel spec.


30th Aug 2018 Flag Comment

I believe Dominic Bareau is correct. At the 5% significance level it is 0.549 for a sample of size 10.


23rd Apr 2018 Flag Comment

Superb! Thank you DR Frost!!

Dominic Bareau

7th Feb 2018 Flag Comment

Should slide 16 have 0.4428 for the 10% significance level critical value rather than 0.5494?

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